Dronotics: Delivering a Wide Range of Aerial Mapping Services

Pranav Agarwal, Director

The high-quality information collected by a drone has given users the opportunity to view a site in real-time as it progresses, to better manage resources and keep projects on schedule. Additionally, drone technology gives those in the industry the valuable ability to view a project from the comfort of their office without having to physically stepfoot on a site. This way, many different parties can work together to easily track development and collaborate to improve decision-making. Based out of Kolkata and Mumbai, Dronotics specializes in providing a plethora of UAV mapping services tailor made for a diverse set of clients from several industries. The company is also playing its equal part in the drone manufacturing segment of India.

Dronotics'team of trained pilots is capable of handling any environment. The engineers at Dronotics are skilled to build and deploy customized drones for any requirement. At the same time, the software team can handle any photogrammetric needs of the client. Dronotics uses state of the art infrastructure to process images and make accurate 3D models and orthomaps to the point of 2mm accuracy. The company’s area of expertise
comprises aerial imagery or photography, surveying, Geographic Information System, photogrammetric surveying and UAV solutions. Dronotics’ own custom developed photogrammetry software is capable of producing Digital elevated model, cloud points, and topography, which are accurate up to 2 mm of ground data.

"Dronotics uses state of the art infrastructure to process images and make accurate 3D models and orthomaps to the point of 2mm accuracy"

Expertise with Larger Clients
Dronotics recently worked with one of the largest Indian multi-national firms and leading Construction Company in India. The company was operating in a Thermal power plant and required to undertake phase 3 for their work to increase their capacity to almost double. The challenge for the construction firm was the already existing erected building on the site. Dronotics delivered their 3D maps of the existing area and ortho models of the construction in progress. Based on this, the firm was able to accurately plan their project.

Dronotics also offers high resolution aerial imagery, videos and 360 degree panoramic images for residential areas, commercial as well as industrial properties. The company also has offerings for the disaster survey segment. Putting drone technology to its best use case, Dronotics has made quite good advancement in helping disaster stricken areas recover from the loss. Dronotics is putting their best foot forward while looking towards carrying high value goods with drones from one point to another inside large factory premises or sheds or in construction areas. That being elaborated, it should not come as a surprise if Dronotics makes to the top 10 companies in the country providing Drone technology services and solutions.