SGR Labs: Using Drones, Collaborative Workplace for Industry 4.0

Rajan Srivastav, CEO

Innovations in drone solutions come and go, but one that really stays is the one that has accurately penetrated the core of industry pain points. Standing tall on its vision, Simultaneous Geographical Reality(SGR)Labs is a Gurugram based company that intends to change the way the project information is exchanged between site personnel and teams in associated offices. Kick started in February 2018, SGR Labs specializes in providing Data Visualization and Analytics based solutions using technologies such as Helicams(drones), Web GIS and Augmented Reality.

Challenges Facing the Industry
A serial entrepreneur and the CEO of SGR Labs, Rajan Srivastav explains that availability of time, manpower and accessibility of resources are the major concerns in any project, be it construction or urban development. Imprecise planning of project costs, of activity durations, of performance level and of resources available can stimulate a high variability in projects, which affects not only project deliverables but also customer

Heliware for Enterprises
SGR Labs, unlike other drone providers who capture only the ongoing activities at project site, decided to take it a notch higher with Heliware by providing birds-eye visualization of the entire project, by bringing detailed results and analysis of manpower and resources utilization, and by creating a project management dashboard using its in-house software.

Heliware, the first product of SGR Labs, is an end-to-end drone based service platform that provides clear visuals, 3D models, high resolution
maps, data output in Web GIS platform and AR based mobile applications. Heliware allows data to be uploaded seamlessly over cloud, where everyone in the project chain can monitor the progress, share and comment simultaneously on the ongoing projects without any hassle. Thus, clients get an easy access to high precision data in an online 3D and collaborative environment, thus enabling their teams to move beyond data recording into analytics in an interactive, user friendly and collaborative environment.

The solution helps to increase better predictability, reduce variability in projects outcomes, identify major roadblocks to milestones, increase effective pre and post planning, and save dollars spent on every project.

"SGR Labs is driven by a vision to become the leader in collaborative Environment provider for Construction industry"

Truly Versatile
SGR Labs has set standards by integrating outputs of drone based solutions with Web GIS environment across various projects in city planning, power pants, railways, urban development, and constructions, etc. Around the mid of this year, SGR assisted government with the master planning of a city through Web GIS and drone data. Building on their technical know how, SGR was successful in completing the survey and integrating the data of 8856 acres of land while reducing the resources required to conduct the work by 70 percent.

SGR Labs is driven by a vision to become the leader in collaborative environment provider for Construction industry. Leveraging on the existing knowhow and finding the similar gap in the industry, it was natural for Rajan to bring forth another platform – Kyara - that has potential to bring students, architects, 3D designers and related Companies to create hub of 3D models, to upload 3D data hassle-free, to better demonstrate, to share and collaborate on the data seamlessly, to increase their visibility in the market, and to generate more businesses and opportunities.‘Kyara’ being the embodiment of Rajan’s vision is scheduled for release in January next year. Having completed projects for 15+ companies across 35+ cities across Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, NCR, and Telengana, SGR Labs has set sail for a greater and more promising future for the market to stay tuned.