VR Guru: An Exceptional Experience of 360 Degree Virtual Walkthrough

Drones in India have been in doldrums finding their place in the market, until the real estate industry adopted them. Drones have considerable potential as a marketing tool, as well as for supervision of under-construction sites in the real estate industry. Aerial photography and videos will be able to provide precise details of a space to potential buyers. However, there is more to it than meets the eye and tech awareness. Leveraging the vast possibilities of the drone technologies, Mumbai based, VR Guru-An initiative of Viztar International, has been building visual solutions backed by drone technology and a touch of virtual reality. VR Guru utilizes state-of the-art technology and Innovation to improve the online experience of clients across categories in Hospitality, F&B, Education, Real Estate, Automobile, Retail, Medical Facilities, and Tourism.

Addressing a Unique Futuristic Demand
In the last decade, there has been a tectonic shift in the way the real estate and construction industry evolved in India. With the Indian construction market set to be the world’s third-largest construction market by 2021, it is imperative that Indian Construction and Design professionals up their ante in terms of delivering technologically advanced solutions. Now, the millennial generation is far too curious to be on standby and fixated on a property if they cannot almost immediately view their purchase before signing. This brings professionals in the real estate and construction
industry to a waterfall. This is where VR Guru presents a unique solution. "VR Guru’s 360 Virtual walkthrough concept & solution has stirred the market for good", says Sachin Adhikari, Investor. VR Guru’s team of experts from the futuristic field of 360 degree walkthrough & Virtual Reality shoots the builders’ sample flat, field office, and a 360 view of the project through drones. The images collected are stitched together to form the picture on which the VR Guru team of VR experts code the project blueprint. "For instance: when a buyer residing far away from the property’s location wishes to have a look at the sample flat, the drone view will take the viewer inside the sample flat and deliver a 360 degree walkthrough of the entire sample flat", explains Aditya Thakur, Co-Founder at VR Guru.

" VR Guru has been building visual solutions backed by drone technology and a touch of virtual reality"

The 360 degree virtual walkthrough is VR gear compatible. Also, VR Guru offers aerial virtual walkthrough and drone visual solutions. These solutions provide the bird’s eye for potential buyers and the builders & realtors themselves, enabling them to take a virtual tour of their construction-in-progress property from different physical locations. The solution empowers the viewers to know the current look, status and progress of the construction. Following this, the VR Guru team superimposes video feed with 3D content to convey the actual image of the flat when it is ready. With certified photographers and the latest mix of navigation and mapping technologies, VR Guru is able to convert 3D images into 360 virtual walkthrough.

Having established a stronghold in the Indian real estate drone solution market, VR Guru express their aim to become a premiere drone based visual solution provider in the country. Given the resourceful species of solutions that VR Guru has brought to the market, it is only a matter of time before the company’s future goals become reality.