Lesoko Technologies

CIO Vendor Aerial surveillance through drone technology is one of the hot concepts that is generating a lot of buzz all over the world. There are several other drone tech implementations across several sectors such as drone delivery, drone for agriculture and various other industrial applications. A holistic view for the execution of drone technology is being thought over by industry experts now.

Lesoko, based out of Chennai, India is a drone tech startup implementing industrial based drone applications by bringing value addition to the business ecosystem. “Drone has a lot of industrial application which is mainly used for the purpose of data collection and generating meaningful insights out of the data. The solar industry and the infrastructure industry can also yield better results by usage of drone technology,” says Abel Mathew, Founder, Lesoko.

Expertise at Work
There is a complete range of services that Lesoko offers its clients while providing drone tech solutions. For any kind of industrial application, there is a set of tasks that Lesoko accomplishes in order to provide the perfect and optimized solution by integrating various sensors according to the industrial requirements. Acquiring, processing and delivering are the three standard procedures that get done before the report is delivered to the client.
According to the founder, India being a developing nation is still experimenting on business sector to implement drone technology. “As of now, we are providing drone tech services for infrastructure projects, power projects and agriculture projects. As we are growing, we are adding new verticals to our services,” states Abel.

The company is primarily looking at the core growth sectors of the country. These are sectors that are in need of assistance by the drone technology and its implementations. First among these comes the infrastructure industry.

Drone solutions for architectural projects give the company an upper hand in operations. Lesoko provides complete project management services, delivering orthomosaics, contour mapping, topography layout, digital elevation model and feature identification for any infrastructure project it handles. When it comes to the power industry, aerial thermal inspection helps utility projects for capacity maximization. For power projects, the company provides power line inspection, conductor/insulator fault detection, stringing, de-icing, Solar panel inspection, pre & post commissioning quality assessment, workforce monitoring & management, asset mapping and solar power plant due diligence services.

We are providing drone tech services for infrastructure projects, power projects and agriculture projects. As we are growing, we are adding new verticals to our services

Finally when it comes to the agriculture and mining sectors, Lesoko applies its state of the art drone tech into asset management. “We use the superior technology for doing crop stress analysis, crop mortality rate and prevention, plant count computation, water management, stock pile compilation, terrain mapping and optimize site and route planning,” states Abel.

Excellence that Grows
Currently, Lesoko is handling projects for some of the MNCs among which L&T is one. Apart from serving clients in four core sectors, the company is continuously experimenting on R&D for the application of drone technology in other sectors. Speaking about the good will of the company, the founder concludes, “The country is changing rapidly with fast paced urbanization and industrialization on a large scale.

Considering the growth scenario, it is high time that drone technology is put into proper use which will help companies handle any scale of projects efficiently with maximum increase in productivity.”