PDRL: Ensuring Optimum Utilization of Drone based Products and Solutions

CIO Vendor Drone Technology market is going through a rapid transition with an increasing adoption of UAVs for various commercial applications like inspection, monitoring, surveying, mapping, delivery, remote sensing, spraying and mobility. With India witnessing a boom in every industrial field with regards to Industry 4.0, drone technology based solutions and products are gathering significant attention in the market with an ever growing demand. However organizations, whether they are already using drone based solutions or are still exploring its potential, expect today’s drone companies to deliver drones that are NPNT compliant, with robust support and services facility, and those which can enable seamless automation. For this, drone companies should possess the right balance of technology, flexibility, robustness and transparency to help clients reap optimum benefits from their applications and solutions.

PDRL has solutions to automate enterprise business processes for its customers. PDRL’s autonomous system based solutions helps customers with end-to-end completely automated industrial inspection, surveillance, monitoring and various smart city solutions. This is done using indigenously developed drone ports (AeroPort), ground station software (AeroGCS) and cloud platform (AeroCloud). AeroPorts are used as precise landing and take-off stations for drones. AeroGCS is used for flight schedules and configurations. Drones send real time images and videos to AeroCloud for real time processing of data using AI and ML algorithms.

An example of business processes automation using PDRLs autonomous system includes a vehicle yard space management system, where PDRL provides real time information of available parking spaces, and location of parked vehicles in the vehicle storage yards. Another example is an automated industrial inspection system for leak detection in a factory. PDRL believes in developing partner networks and therefore offers all its solutions through channel partners to the end customers. Having an indigenous set of products is critical from a national interest standpoint.
Developing India’s 1st Indigenous eVToLAir Taxi
AeroHans, India’s first indigenous eVToLAir Taxi is being developed by PDRL to change the face of urban mobility in India. AeroHans will have a capacity to transport four passengers and a pilot from one place to another. It would have vertical take-off and landing capability from/ to ground or roof tops and would have a flying altitude of 2000 feet. It would travel at a speed of about 120 Km/ hour for a distance of 48 to 50 km, in a single battery charge. AeroHans is being designed to offer superior user experience right from its aesthetics, interior up to the way it can be booked by passengers for short-hauls. AeroHans will be safe as it would have triple redundant systems at critical levels and dual redundant systems at non-critical levels apart from other passenger safety features like ballistic parachute for safely landing the air taxi with its passengers. Moreover, taking safety as the fundamental, AeroHans will have robust features such as Return-to-home (RTH) that takes the air taxi back to where it had started in case of any emergency.

PDRL’s autonomous system based solutions helps customers with end-toend completely automated industrial inspection, surveillance, monitoring and various smart city solutions

“One of the major USPs of the company is its GCS software and cloud-based application platform. GCS is arguably one the easiest-to-use software in the current market.

AeroGCS and AeroCloud helps data analysis in near real time and produce data driven business results for customers. The capability to build completely automated systems and autonomous aerial vehicles with a customer centric approach is something that drives PDRL,” concludes Anil.