IG Drones: Fuelling Innovation in the Drone Technology Space

In this fastest-growing drone market, more inexpensive drones are becoming increasingly popular for recreational use. In addition to that, the drone industry's growth strongly supports the overall economic development in the critical sector such as aerial mapping and surveying, agriculture, infrastructure, mining, power generation, construction, etc. Clients in this sector require partners who can enhance their project experience and project execution. They need drone technology powered by flight capabilities, the precise output of the data collection techniques, time savings capabilities, productivity gain algorithm, and more. Catering to the customers' needs, IG Drones provides innovative and world-class solutions in the drone survey and mapping arena in the most efficient manner. 'We are a tech company. Each of us in the team is an inventor at the key,' says Om Prakash, Co-founder, IG Drones.

IG Drones was founded in the year 2017 by Er. Om Prakash Das and Er. Bodhisattva Sanghapriya with the vision to provide enterprise drone solutions throughout the nation and provide world-class service and employment to many. It is one of the market leaders in this segment and serves multiple MNCs and governments in projects. IG Drone's solutions enable a faster and more accurate collection of visual information and allow power companies to focus on fault-finding, effective repairing, strategic constructions and maintenance planning while minimizing the risks to surveying teams.

Road Construction Monitoring using IG Drones are more effective construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects, including road and bridges, are allowed by Geospatial products. IG Drones can accurately relay real-time information, which plays an essential role in the civil security of cities and provides the civic administration to deploy proactive measures. The drones adequately collect accurate data from maximum open pit operation and bring out client-specific deliverables, including progress monitoring,
mapping data of an entire mining site, and measuring extraction volumes.

IG Drones with features like a high-resolution camera, long flight duration and preset missions, which helps gather the information accurately, provides affordable enterprise drone solutions PAN India.

With its well-advanced drones, the team offers effective drone services in all dimensions, such as Solar Panel Inspection, Industrial inspection, Railway Infrastructure, Power line monitoring, my survey, etc. We have worked for renowned industries like Sekura, DMTCL, Powergrid, Transrail, Reliance Power, Adani, Aditya Birla, Jackson, MCL, OBCOL, The World Bank, HAI, CYSD, NRRI, and the list goes on. Our drones have been there in the front line, not just industrial applications, helping the people during natural calamities and disasters.

With 5000+ km of powerline monitoring using drones, the company is the pioneer in the same. As India's leading Dronestartup, we provide 24/7 support to our clients for continuous and uninterrupted enterprise solutions and ensure quality outcomes,' says Om Prakash, Co-founder, IG Drones.

IG Drones has established the IG Drones Centre of Excellence in ITI Cuttack in association with Skilled Odisha. The skilled trainees are developing world-class drones like Delta 400, which got an exemption to do mine survey in OMC mines. IG Drones provides its clients with an affordable approach to easily access the skies by constructing vital parameters and keeping any harmful elements away. Currently, it has multiple MNCs in its portfolio and is striving to provide service to the Top 100 companies in India. It is also eyeing to open 100 Drone Centres of excellence across technical Institutes in India to make India skill-ready.