RVS Land Surveyors: Helping Industries Reap the Economic Potential of Drones

CIO Vendor Survey of India endeavoring to complete the digitization of 6.62 lakh villages using drone under the SVAMITVA Scheme in 4 years, from 2020-24. This demands 1000 of drones on air. Research and statistics forecast that drones will have a $100 billion market opportunity. In India, the commercial drone market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% over the next five years. Like the GPS and internet, drones were first introduced for military purposes and later entered into the consumer market and became a powerful business tool. RVS Land Surveyors, the first to introduce drone mapping in Coimbatore in 2016, are offering drones for commercial use from firefighting to farming and in several verticals.

Its drones are used for surveys and mapping, construction and mining, agriculture, media and telecommunications, and law enforcement. ‘We believe that drones have unmatched economic potential and is likely to be one of the most valued technologies in the upcoming times,’ says K.Sukumar, Managing Partner.

In the surveying industry, land surveyors face different challenges at a different geographical location. RVS uses its drones coupled with other technology to avoid all these difficulties on the field and complete the land survey more safely in less time. Every client as different requirements and expectations, but in common, all the clients want to save time, money and want detailed reports as per their project requirement.

RVS helps clients in achieving this goal by using multiple technologies interchangeably based on the project and budget. Along with drones, RVS uses DGPS for establishing GCP and Total Station for shadow region mapping and simultaneously fuels the backend process. With the help of sophisticated software and hardware the company also delivers a report as per clients need and expectations.

Established in 2011, RVS has expanded its horizon from Coimbatore to other parts of the country. ‘Our instinctive teamwork, unwavering commitment to the undertaken projects and our impeccable knowledge with the surveying technologies had helped us grow into a proud establishment with numerous experts and skilled professionals, equipped with the
cutting-edge land surveying technologies at our disposal,’ says V.Balakumar, Managing Partner, RVS Land Surveyors.

Land surveying is at the origin of any major infrastructural work, and so, it is imperative that land surveying is done on time. With smarter technology usage, the experts at RVS can perfectly bridge the gap between accuracy and on-time completion with-out compromising one for the other. This principle has laid the foundation for the company, and it had been the essence of all its projects.

RVS delivers data with the help of drone surveys, identifies the problems and provides solutions to its clients. Its surveying report about any property is a comprehensive analysis of the land. The company also operates from tier-II and tier III cities making its operating expenses and working cost much lesser than its competitors and thus provides its services to clients at an affordable cost.

We believe that drones have unmatched economic potential and is likely to be one of the most valued technologies in the upcoming times

Currently, RVS is focusing on the AEC industries drone market and in the coming years it plans to develop a separate wing that focuses on the agriculture drone market. ‘It is evident that India needs many drone consulting companies and drone pilots in the coming years. We are striving intending to create entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for the youth in this arena,’ concludes K. Sukumar, Managing Partner, RVS Land Surveyors.